Kings of Mead in cooperation with EMMA (European Mead Makers Association) and would like to invite you to the European Mead Makers Conference.  Conference is open for professional and home mead makers from all over the Europe and also the rest of the World. This year, the conference will give you opportunity to attend the lectures and presentations, exchange experiences and contacts. We’re also planning two informal meetings in restaurant with mead testing session, where every mead maker can bring their own mead to share with others.

To confirm your participation in a conference (either the whole event or just some parts of it) you will need to fill in the registration form.

Registration Anyone interested in attending the conference should complete a form available in top menu or by clicking the link: registration
Important dates 

Mead Madness Cup (mead competition) 27-28 FEB 2025

Mead testing dinner 27th and 28th FEB 2025 (participants should bring their own meads to share with other mead makers)

Conference 1st MAR 2025

Mead testing dinner and Mead Madness Cup 2025 awards ceremony 1st mar 2025 (participants should bring own meads to share with others mead makers)


Conference and side events are chargeable and need to be booked in advance. Cost depends on the participation package

Program A program is available after choosing an option from the top menu or by clicking the link: program

The conference will be held at the Novotel Warszawa Centrum, Marszałkowska 94, 00-510 Warszawa, Polska

Parking Parking is available but need by booked in advance with hotel.

A 4-star Novotel Warszawa Centrum is our partner. We recommend it to anyone who is attending a conference so we all can stay in the same place. Novotel Warszawa Centrum, Marszałkowska 94, 00-510 Warszawa.

Novotel Warszawa Centrum Hotel

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