Non Profit organization European Mead Makers Association "Here we care about making mead big in europe again"

Our offer includes rich, unique compositions that are hard to find in stationary stores. The combination of an old recipe with a stylish bottle allowed us to offer the perfect drink. Our meads will appeal to both experts and amateurs in the field of tasting bee gifts.

Ami Honey

We offer our clients real, original, fully natural meads from many mead plants. What we want to offer you is not only high-quality meads, but also natural bee honeys, gift sets, as well as professional service and fast order delivery.

Pasieka Jaros

Our meads are produced using natural methods, without preservatives, improvers, artificial colors and flavors. The raw material for their production is honey bee, water and herbs. They achieve their outstanding taste qualities during several years of aging.

Miodosytnia Augustowska

We opened the Augustowska Miodosno to produce, in a traditional way, the highest quality meads, using only natural raw materials obtained from the area of the Augustów Primeval Forest and neighboring areas.

Pasieka Dziki Miód

The Wild Honey Apiary is not only a shop, but mainly a small, family apiary. In ecologically clean areas, among meadows and forests, we obtain rape honey and other honey and bee products.


Professional beekeeping shop - We manufacture and sell articles necessary to run a modern apiary.


EKOOSTOJA Foundation is a non-governmental organization, which mission is to mobilize local communities in undertaking activities conducive to preserve agri-biodiversity by its economic values.


Tomasz Lyson Beekeeping Company is a world leader specialising in the production of beekeeping equipment. Exports account for around 70% of revenues with distribution in over 70 countries.


Mjøderiet is Norway’s first meadery, established in 2016. It consists of five mead enthusiasts from Bergen, Norway. Mjøderiet has gained international attention for our products, including two gold medals and one bronze medal in Mead Madness Cup in earlier years.

Šušvės midus

Mead was already produced by my grandfather and my mother, from whom I took over the secret of mead production. All our mead is made from honey collected by our bees, thanks to which we can always guarantee high quality mead. We do not use any chemical additives in production, only natural raw materials.


Meandry Vilkus has been established thanks to the fascination that has lasted for generations. Our ancestors came to Poland from Hungary, where they were involved in the production of wine. In their new homeland, they found the raw material that made it possible to create an equally noble drink: mead. The centuries-old mead making tradition in Poland and the experience of many generations of the Wilkusz family, dealing in beekeeping and amateur mead making, have allowed us to create a unique product that is a bridge between history and modernity.

TOMKA s.r.o.

TOMKA s.r.o. is a traditional family company founded in 1989 in the city Nitra, Slovakia. It mainly deals with food production and processing of bee products. We own several original recipes and trademarks, under which we offer customers high quality products based on natural ingredients.

Lithuanian Bee

Largest honey producer, exporter, wholesale in Lithuania.

Stillabunt Vodka sp. z o .o.

Producer of honey spirit created by distillation of mead, according to the recipe used in the 18th century on local lands. Our products are craft spirits made by distilling mead. Honey wort created for the needs of the distillate is prepared based on experience, beekeeping, and honey traditions of the region, dating back to the times when the town of Pławno was a city and center of court meetings in the 15th to 19th century.

Superstition Meadery

We follow our mission “To reintroduce the world’s oldest fermented beverage to mankind” every day, and nothing makes us happier than seeing people enjoy our products. We work hard every day to maintain the world class distinction our products and service have achieved, and we look forward to you becoming part of our story too. We have introduced over 300 unique meads and hard ciders since 2012. Our products range from dry to sweet, still to sparkling, and easy drinking to the most flavorful beverage you have ever imagined.


We are a family apiary from the south of Bavaria. I trained as a beekeeper in Graz, Austria, where I obtained my journeyman's certificate. Our bees are located at various locations in mixed forests, flower meadows but also on the longest castle complex in the world in Burghausen.


The LeMag company is dealer of fermentation products and provide technological consulting for breweries, meaderys and wineries since 1994. We are the sole distributor on the Polish market of active and inactive yeast products for fermentation, offered by Fermentis and Predel Oenologie.

Sweet rebel

The Sweet Rebel brand is part of Mead-Academy VZW, a Flemish non-profit. It’s an international reseller of mostly EU meads. We select the best meads and resell them at a reasonable price to both business and consumer.


Spółdzielnia Pszczelarska APIS in Lublin is a company with deeply rooted traditions of production natural honey and meads. This company has been the largest producer of meads and a market leader continuously since 1932

Metsiederei Eckert

Metsiederei Eckert is a Swiss meadery. The main purpose is to honour the bees and make outstanding meads. MazerCup Medalist and Finalist, MeadMadnessCup Winner – sustainable, organic and outstanding.

Polish Homebrewers Association

Polish Homebrewers Association (PSPD) was founded in 2010. Our main goals are: promoting beer brewing at home, education in brewing methods, ingredients, sensory qualities and beer styles, as well as organizing homebrewing competitions and training beer judges. The association brings together over 1600 homebrewers from all regions of Poland. We are the hosts of Polish Homebrewing Championship and Homebrewing Festival in Warsaw - ones of the biggest annual events in Europe dedicated entirely to homebrewing.

Northern Mead

We make award winning mead at Northern Mead with real honey at our Meadery; 'De Noordelijke Mederij'. Besides mead, we make braggots (Viking Mjød) and session-mead (Nord Mead). Our products can be ordered at


We pack honey both from Poland and from the furthest corners of the world. In our warehouses you can find honeys from the regions of Bieszczady and Roztocze, but also from as far as Cuba and Argentina. Among them you will find the well-known flavours: multiflower or lime, but also more sophisticated varieties, such as almond, heather or eucalyptus honey.


A global leader in microbial fermentation, with more than 100 years of experience, we offer natural solutions to improve mead quality and help to define the unique characteristics of your mead.

Media patronage​


Since the beginning of the existence of "Pasieka", it has won over a group of friendly and satisfied readers. In our pages we discuss a number of issues related to practical and scientific beekeeping. We describe major beekeeping events, we provide a calendar of beekeeping events.

Szef Kuchni

Szef Kuchni Magazyn Branży Gastronomicznej is a specialistic, nationwide journal addressed to representatives of the catering industry including restaurant owners, chefs or managers. The magazine is a professional and opinion-forming title that over the years has gained the trust and sympathy of many representatives of this business. - the largest Polish portal about spirits in Poland.

Aqua Vitae

An exclusive alcohol magazine. The editor-in-chief is Łukasz Gołębiewski, a longtime journalist of Rzeczpospolita, publisher and author of - the largest Polish portal about spirits in Poland. The bimonthly is distributed in the form of subscriptions, as well as in selected luxury liquor stores and bars.


First Polish podcast about mead.
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Przegląd Gastronomiczny

"Przegląd Gastronomiczny” ("Food and Catering Review") is a specialized magazine for gastronomy, published continuously since 1946. Monthly "Przegląd Gastronomiczny" reaches readers all over Poland only by subscription.