Non Profit organization European Mead Makers Association "Here we care about making mead big in europe again"

Ami Honey

We offer our clients real, original, fully natural meads from many mead plants. What we want to offer you is not only high-quality meads, but also natural bee honeys, gift sets, as well as professional service and fast order delivery.

Our offer includes rich, unique compositions that are hard to find in stationary stores. The combination of an old recipe with a stylish bottle allowed us to offer the perfect drink. Our meads will appeal to both experts and amateurs in the field of tasting bee gifts.

Farmapol Sp. z o.o.

"Farmapol" Sp. z o.o. belongs to the group of Polish pharmaceutical producers. We combine our many years of experience with the latest knowledge and technological standards, thanks to which we have been successfully operating on the Polish pharmaceutical, dietary and cosmetic market for years.

Hornad Valley

Hornad Valley is located in Eastern Slovakia. We use grapes, currants, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, pears, plums and multi-flowered honey. Long fermentation and aging give our honey a delicate and harmonious taste. Our molomel allow you to feel the spirit of Eastern Europe.

Pasieka Jaros

Our meads are produced using natural methods, without preservatives, improvers, artificial colors and flavors. The raw material for their production is honey bee, water and herbs. They achieve their outstanding taste qualities during several years of aging.


EKOOSTOJA Foundation is a non-governmental organization, which mission is to mobilize local communities in undertaking activities conducive to preserve agri-biodiversity by its economic values.

Pasieka Dziki Miód

The Wild Honey Apiary is not only a shop, but mainly a small, family apiary. In ecologically clean areas, among meadows and forests, we obtain rape honey and other honey and bee products.

Poznańskie Targi Piwne

At the Beer Fair, people with basic knowledge about beer, as well as enthusiasts, home brewers and professionals have a great time. Street Food Spot, on the other hand, gathers lovers of food served among the city noise - straight from a truck or tent.


Herbal extracts of lemon balm, coneflower and milk thistle, honey, beeswax, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E. Balsam smoothes, moisturizes and nourishes rough, chapped lips. It regenerates the epidermis damaged due to weather conditions, abrasions and herpes. It protects lips against dryness and the adverse effects of frost, wind, rain and sun.

Miodosytnia Imbiorowicz

Manufacture of mead - this is the best way to describe the place we have managed to create. We are beekeepers who dreamed about producing their own honey from honey - after many years and thanks to the help of many people, we managed to fulfill this dream.

Miodosytnia Augustowska

We opened the Augustowska Miodosno to produce, in a traditional way, the highest quality meads, using only natural raw materials obtained from the area of the Augustów Primeval Forest and neighboring areas.


Nectarica-eu sp. z o.o. is a representative office in the EU of the Ukrainian honey company. We supply 100% natural Ukrainian honey of the highest quality in bulk at the lowest prices. Honey is packaged in 25kg buckets and 290kg barrels on our line in Ukraine. Delivery to the customer is carried out by pieces, on half-pallets and pallets from our warehouse in Poland and it takes 2-5 days all over the EU.

Don Prestige

Don Prestige Residence. Hotel located in the very center of Poznań, 200 m from the Old Market Square, 2 km from the Poznań International Fair and the main station, and 8 km from the Ławica Airport.


Since the beginning of the existence of "Pasieka", it has won over a group of friendly and satisfied readers. In our pages we discuss a number of issues related to practical and scientific beekeeping. We describe major beekeeping events, we provide a calendar of beekeeping events.


Professional beekeeping shop - We manufacture and sell articles necessary to run a modern apiary.


We exist since 1932. Our offer includes more than a dozen species of mead and bee honey. We combine modernity in meeting the needs of young consumers with a tradition manifested in Old Polish recipes.